In any industry you get what you pay for. Simple Solders™ are made in the U.S.A and we are exceptionally proud of the high quality of our range.


China have 2 companies that produce 4 of the straight type connectors. They are similar, but in true fashion, they are NOT the same. We have bought and tested them and drawn some conclusions. If anyone in South Africa would like a free sample to test them for yourself then please get in touch with us. Having said that, we have recently noticed a company in S.A that specialize in L.E.D lighting who sell the Chinese made items. There are also some online shopping platforms where you can get the same junk products from. Now, as much as we Wish they wouldn’t, having an inferior product on the market helps ours stand out even more!


So, if you buy any solder connectors in South Africa that do not have the Simple Solder™ brand and logo then you are buying a Chinese product. Which is great…if that’s what you are looking to buy. But, if you want to make sure your job is done once and done properly then hit the “Find a Distributor” tab to order the genuine thing.